POINTPHYSIO in Green Point was established in 2009, and is the brand name for Geoff Foat Physiotherapy. At POINTPHYSIO our aim is for our clients to receive the highest quality of care through clinical excellence and integrity.

Movement is critical to vitality. Injury, aging, disease and environmental factors all affect the mobility and function of our bodies. At POINTPHYSIO healing and recovery is facilitated by:

  • identifying problems accurately;
  • using a broad range of treatments and rehabilitative approaches;
  • a personalised, professional and friendly environment;
  • giving patients an in-depth understanding of their condition.

Geoff Foat has over 25 years of international and local experience and education, most notably in the Mulligan Concept. An avid athlete, his unique and multi-faceted approach aims to enable clients to return to full levels of activity, work and sport.

Take some time to browse our website. You’ll find a wealth of information about Geoff and his colleagues’ work experience, common problems, treatment approaches, exercising intelligently, and how pain-free function can be restored at POINTPHYSIO.

Commit to your body. You deserve a lifetime of health and wellbeing.

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  • MCTA 2019 CAPE TOWN "FRIENDS FIRST" ... this is part of my family! Fantastic Cape Town memories. Thank you Brian & Dawn Mulligan and MCTA colleagues. Thank you Cape Town for blessing my friends. Thank you Radisson Red for being an outstanding hotel/host! @pointphysio @mulligan1577 @pointphysio @mulliganconcept The Mulligan Concept

    May 20

  • MCTA 2019 CAPE TOWN An epic international meeting in Cape Town coming to an end. Next stop Hawaii 2021. BLESSED. #mulliganconcept #mcta2019 #mulliganconceptteachersassociation #mwm #physiotherapycapetown #pointphysio #radissonredcapetown #manualtherapy #mulliganconceptsouthafrica #brianmulligan @mulligan1577 @pointphysio The Mulligan Concept @mulliganconcept

    May 19

  • MULLIGAN CONCEPT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 13th biennial meeting CAPE TOWN. Thank you Brian Mulligan for giving of your time to speak to this group of Cape Town Physiotherapists on May Day. A truly wonderful lecture/demo from my esteemed mentor and friend - wowing us with your wit and clinical brilliance. #mulliganconcept #mcta2019 #mctacapetown #pointphysio #mulliganconceptsouthafrica #physiotherapy #mwm #radissonredcapetown #manualtherapy @pointphysio @johanuysphysio The Mulligan Concept @mulliganconcept

    May 19

  • May 19

  • Brian Mulligan is in Cape Town, go to https://www.bmulligan.com and see how this man invented The Mulligan Technique. Geoff Foat Pointphysio / Geoff Foat Physiotherapy / Green Point is not any normal practice, Geoff uses and trains physiotherapists across the world on the "Mulligan Concept" : it is a simple yet effective manual approach addressing musculoskeletal disorders with pain free manual joint “repositioning” techniques for restoration of function and abolition of pain. Instead of seeing a Chiropractor for a short 15 min adjustment rather see Geoff Foat at his practice and get both the joint repositioning & physio treatment instead....

    April 29

  • The biennial Mulligan Concept Teachers Association meeting gets underway this week in Cape Town.. welcome Brian and Dawn Mulligan! Fantastic to have you here.

    April 29

  • Part 3 - Show me more money! #pointphysio #capetown #southafrica #anklesprain #physiotherapy #rehab #sport #fitness #health #healthylifestyle @anthonymofsowitz @ivorwrightbio

    April 26

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