P-2, which we derived from the words Point-Performance, is an awesome fitness product that aims to establish true base fitness.

Using methods tried and tested by professional athletes in the USA, we aim to redefine fitness by establishing a sustainable, efficient movement platform. I like to call it ‘professional athlete pre-conditioning’.

Follow this program and you will feel and perform better in whatever you pursue as a recreational athlete, irrespective of ability. P-2 helps to develop injury insulation, tunes your metabolic engine to burn fat, enhances pillar and functional strength, and promotes agility, power, speed and flexibility.

As a stand alone product, you will develop fitness doing P-2, but it is essential you have additional work-outs in the week (run/ bike/ swim/ strength etc). In short, P-2 will prepare you to perform and adds years to your exercise life!


• movement preparation: essentials of athlete preparation
• dynamic flexibility: yoga-type movements performed dynamically
• movement skill: movement pattern integration
• glute activation: switch on the powerful leg drivers: the butt muscles
• pillar strength: primary hip and torso strength enhancement
• agility: create a more reactive muscle system
• plyometrics: enhance strength and explosive power
• prehabilitation: base hip and shoulder essential strength
• regeneration training: recovery tools for flexibility and muscle-tendon health

In the current fitness climate, people are exposed to a myriad of different training forms, including outdoor group training.We believe most of these are ‘sloppy’ in that they are not ‘form based’, and tend to have a transient nature.  If you have observed professional teams go through non-contact pre-game preparation drills, you may have witnessed a small window into P-2.